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Hey everyone,

I am applying soon to my schools basic BSN program. Usually over 200 people apply, 35-40 ppl. are admitted (each semester) On average they accept 3.75 GPA, 70-90th percentile is average (minimum accepted is 50th percentile) on the NET, and we also have to submit 2 references (academic and personal), and a personal essay "What I Would Bring to the BSN Program"

I have a 3.97 GPA and have taken all of my prereq's, plus a few classes we are allowed to take before acceptance (nutrition, and I will be taking Biochem for Nursing, and Transcultural Care in the fall.)

I just took the NET today (For the SECOND time :cry: I got in the 71st percentile the first time around, although I was NOT in the best state of mind, as my boyfriend of 3 years and I had broken up 4 days earlier).

Anyways, I am worried about the NET score and how heavily it will weigh on my acceptance. And I have NO IDEA what to say in my personal essay. My mom is a nurse and I have always looked up to her, the career of nursing is very interesting to me and I LOVE people. I am not sure what I personally would bring to the program, but I definitely think my compassion and intelligence are important.

Sorry this is so long. I'm wondering what my chances are and I'm just freaking out about getting accepted! (obviously) lol Thanks in advance for any advice you can give! :D


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You have a great gpa, and getting other classes out of the way is a plus for showing determination. It seems that you DO know what to write in your essay. You can write about your Mom and what she has taught you what nursing means and is.

Many people apply to nursing programs that do not have the good grades, or apply to many schools to see who will let them in. In my school, over 150 people applied for 40 positions. 60 or so had under 2.75 gpa's, 35 had applied to more than 4 schools and did not want to enroll at my school after all. 20 or so did not pass the teas test. 5 could not secure payment. A few people switched over from the LPN program, and 38 of us actually began the RN program last semester. So, ya never know! good luck!


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Your gpa looks great in my school there are lots of people applying that do not have that great of gpa. My school just looks at grades and TEAS score. Just relax and write a great essay about what you said you probably have a great chance on getting in.

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Thanks guys :)

I'm just really anxious about getting accepted! I will try to relax a bit though lol. Thanks again.


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Your GPA is beyond great.....I would think you are a shoo in but that depends on what state you are in,and what type of program you are trying into and if the progrm is at a private or public school........Good luck though..........

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