wonderin' where is Ms.Suzanne4...

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is she’s now on hiatus?

she’s one of the prominent people on this great website who unselfishly shared her knowledge and untiringly guide people.

she will be missed….I do:cry:

Ms. Silverdragon102, please don’t be gone too…:bowingpur

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Suzanne4 is taking a well-deserved break. Being a volunteer moderator is a huge commitment and every once in awhile we need a breather. It's her turn.

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Well, Suzanne, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I sincerely hope you are having a wonderful time!

You mentioned that you live here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and if you are currently staying here during your hiatus may I suggest that you do what I did just last Monday?

I strolled from the Embarcadero to Ghirardelli Square (or you can drive there) and bought myself a couple of scoops of their world famous ice cream! The dark hot fudge was out of this world! I enjoyed my ice cream while sitting on the beach not too far from Ghirardelli. People watching is a very relaxing and a free way to relieve the stress in your life.

Also you mentioned that you frequently travel to Singapore, is this correct? I'm going back to the Philippines early next year and I'm flying Singapore Airlines with a stop-over in Singapore. My wife and I have visited Singapore and it is such a beautiful and clean city-state. When they say that Singapore is "clean", I think most will agree that it is indeed a very clean place. We walked along Orchard Road and we did not see a single piece of garbage on the street. No kidding!

The view from our room at the Swissotel was so beautiful. (I remember we were above 40th floor?) We were wondering how a very progressive and rich place could rise from this part of the world where most countries around it remain in the Third World? Give that credit to the Singaporean people.

Just thinking about the hospitals in Singapore. I would love to take a tour of their what I imagine very modern hospitals. I wonder if they are offering C.E. classes there?

Once again, enjoy life. Don't worry, be happy!!!


I miss Suzanne too, she was a wealth of information, How she is enjoying her hiatus.

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