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I have been offered a night shift position in a privately owned residential drug/alchol rehab for women. Anyone work in this type of setting? Do you enjoy the work? The facility is very nice, good pay and great benefits. It almost seems too good to be true (other than nights). I have been doing hospice for 2 years (but very burned out now). I guess I am just scared to make the change, and looking for some positive feedback regarding this area of nursing.

And, I have a family member who struggles with addiction, so I already know all about the manipulation and games that addicts play. The good thing about this is it is voluntary for the clients. It is not a lockdown facility. They do medical detox. Thoughts? Any other questions I should ask of the employer?

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Where is the facility located, if you don't mind me asking? I have been interested in making the change to this area of nursing. Did you take the job? If so, how do you like it? There are a few facilities located around where I live.



As long as its medically based. I worked in a medical inpatient detox. 25 bed. not part of a hospital. It works for those who want to be there. There are some around here that don't do medical detox as in no meds other then OTCs. No benzo's, no suboxone or methadone. Just strictly OTCs and well I think that is dangerous. I would not work as a nurse in that setting. I want meds--real meds, and a doc. Ours was there every day for a couple of hours and on call for verbals 24/7. You said medical so I assume a medical model with real detox meds and a doc.

As far as satisfaction its hard that sooooo many just keep coming back. They get clean for a few days, a few weeks but then they are back. That is discouraging. They can be very manipulative and you are always dealing with sneaking things--cigarettes, lighters, other drugs and parafanalia. The smoking in the bathrooms is frustrating and all the room checks when you know someone is hiding something. So its frustrating but there are a lot of people you will help and that feels really good.

Good luck to you.

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I have been looking at a private facility, where there are nurses there 24/7, therapists, and MD's available 24/7. The residents want to be there, and want the help. I am an ER nurse, so this would be something new for me. We deal with the psychiatric emergency, then they usually go to an inpatient facility. This facility is not locked, and they are free to roam around.

I am ready for a change from the ER. I would like to get to know the people I care for, longer than just a few hours. I hope to make the change soon. It seems like a great facility.

I would love to work in a place like this. Being a recovering addict, I understand the "insanity" from a personal perspective, and women, especially women with children, are stigmatized the most. To be able to help them WANT change, in a dignified empowering manner, (and not the manner that was used with me) would be gratifying.

Go for it!

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I have accepted the job, which is Sat-Mon, 7a-7p. Even working every weekend, it seems like a great schedule. I am exhausted after working 12 hours in the ER, and not really getting to know the patients. I will stay PRN in the ER, to keep my skills up. It will feel a little weird not doing a lot of the clinical skills, but will pickup so many other skills important in this field. I am excited for this change.

Good luck to you!! Keep us post on your success :yeah:

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I am so excited to start 12/26! I am going to miss the ER, but I know I will learn a lot at this place. I love the idea of helping women recover and move on with their lives. I am a little apprehensive of leaving the ER so hopefully that will decrease over time. I will be working 7a-7p, Sat-Mon. Any helpful hints anyone has for me?

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So arg928, did you accept the position with the private facility? I start at one in 2 weeks, so I am wondering how it is going to go. Would love to hear any experiences at private facilities. Thanks.

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