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Withdrawal of Application (KSA) from a Recruitment Agency


Last Feb 12 I had my interview with the employer of Al Mouwasat and with my exact 2 years experience I got an offer as a staff nurse. The salary is SR 2500 and a month vacation after 2 years of work. Since I was desperate that time, considering that i quit my job and have a minimum experience only, I signed the offer. The agency then asked me to submit myself for a medical exam and surrender my original documents like passport and NBI but none of these I complied. Now I realized I don't want their offer. I don't want to proceed anymore. Can I still withdraw my application? Do I have to pay for fees? The agency has my photocopied documents and my signature on the offer.

Of course you can withdraw you application.

If they start to threaten you, then you can tell them to Pack Sand..........

If you signed a legal document, you need to carefully read that agreement (before ever putting your signature on any piece of paper), if it's totally legit and you break the contract, you need to see what sort of legal course they can take against you.

You may wish to enlist the services of a lawyer if they pressure you more, if it's a legal and binding contract you need to know what rights you do have or don't have.

Ignoring them will not go away and you may find yourself in a court house. Get legal advice (not from here or AN) but from a professional company or lawyer.

There are at least a few minimum questions to ask any employment agency or anytime you're signing a legal document or contract:

(A). What if I change my mind and have to break the contract?

(B). What are the implications of breaking the contract?

©. Could you show me exactly where the "penalty" or the "breakage" of this contract or agreement is at on this document if I sign? Could you direct me to that EXACT clause or section that mentions this?

If you are unable to ask these simple questions, then, you shouldn't be signing any documents whatsoever or prepare yourself for future headaches and frustrations down the road.

Being desperate is no excuse to not ask or let the person know in front of you, if you could have someone else (legal professional is best) review the document (you're asked to sign) for his or her opinion. Or simply walk away if you feel pressured or ask to excuse yourself, you'll be right back after taking a short walk to get the courage to ask.

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