Withdraw - I'm really not sure?

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I am in my first semester of Nursing School and am taking Pharmacology. I have done relatively well in the course, except I didn't do well on the first exam. Because of the first exam, my grade is hovering at a 77. I have to achieve a 78 average to pass. I have one more exam to take and the final. I got a call from my instructor saying that this is the halfway point and I have the option to withdraw since my grade is borderline passing. If I choose to withdraw, I can retake the class in the Fall along with my Nursing Fundamentals course. If I stay in Pharmacology and take the next exam and final, and for some reason do not have a 78 average after taking them, then I lose my seat. I am really torn as to what to do. I know that I don't want my average to drop below a 77 because I do NOT want to lose my seat. On the other hand, I have worked really hard since my first exam and have pulled out really good grades on the previous two exams. I just don't know what to do! I wanted to ask your advise as to what would be the best decision in this situation?

I think you have made a wise decision. Be sure to utilize this time to study on your own so that you are ahead of the game come fall. Good luck.

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