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Wishes for a succesfull school year!


Specializes in Med-Surg Nursing.

I just wanted to take a few moments and wish all of my future colleagues good luck in your brand new semester of nursing school!

Good luck!

Learn Lots and have fun!

Kelly, RN


Thanks so much for those well wishes! It means a lot coming from a nurse:)

I think hearing all the horror stories of some nurses eating their young has gotten to me a little, and I work at a hospital...I just never saw it in the way I do now! It leaves me feeling a little intimidated as far as my first nursing experience following graduation, which for me is in 9 months.

Once again thank you and I'm sending out positive vibes and

best wishes to all my fellow students and nurses!!


One Day At A Time!

Thank you so much for the good wishes!!:D

Hi Kaknurse,

Thanks so much. I have a lot of things to cover this semester but I have put god on the case and was assured that everything is going to be okay!.

I like my Psychology class and my college Algebra class but the English class is so easy and I wont be getting credits for my English class.

I am trying to start the semester right by starting my assignments early. Thanks again.

Thanks Kelly! Did I forget to tell you how awesome you always are? :)

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