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Looking to my fellow Wisconsin Nurses for help on this one. I would post this under Activism and Politics but I want to be sure that I get a decent reponse. I pose this question: As a... Read More

  1. by   CRZ
    As a new RN I attended District meetings but never have joined WNA because dues are way too high compared to other nursing organization's dues and the income level of the average nurse. I do belong to several other professional organizations. Many nurses are spouses, moms, active church members, Scout and 4-H leaders,etc. There is only so much time and so many dollars in a family budget. Realistically, WNA is way down the list when it comes to my family's budget and time allocation. There have also been times when WNA was on the wrong side of the fence on issues of concern to me and I could not support their political activities because of this. In 31 years of nursing the WNA hasn't done much for me as a rural staff nurse. It is a rather invisible organization-not much attention is paid to it locally because it doesn't pay much attention to small town staff nurses!
  2. by   Audreyfay
    I belong to my specialty group, which is very involved in the issues that impact my practice. Since I am not in staff nursing, I have not looked into the WNA. I don't think I would have time to do both. SORRY!
  3. by   nookomis
    No, I do not belong to the WNA. It is too expensive. I spend slightly more than that on AADE and ADA that are a strong suggestion for the field I am in. Along with the 3 nursing license from various states. I would end up spending a complete paycheck on dues, have you considered getting rid of some of the administrative cost and decreasing the dues?
  4. by   jezziejohnson
    I am not a member of the WNA, as the annual dues are quite pricey, and most of the members seem to be administrators and educators. There is a new association starting up called "WRNA." It is an association mainly for the RNs in the trenches, and it's sole purpose is lobbying in Madison. The dues are only $66/year. I have joined at ground level, and am interested in how this association is going to develop.
  5. by   mganley
    Aside from the very high dues, I do not belong to WNA because I do not agree with their political views, nor do I support the candidates that they endorse. Will have to check into the WRNA as mentioned by previous poster as I do have an interest in politics and the future of our profession.