Wi C.n.a Misconduct!

  1. when was the last time any of you from wisconsin has check the wisconsin misconduct for the c.n.a's ? ever wonder why is there so many each month?
    what is really going on? could all these c.n.a's being coming from the same facility ?
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  3. by   fuzzball
    Alot of times its all about scapegoating. Sometimes a facility may want to get even with a employee. It is happening to me. I am a lpn. I did not like a facility in West Bend, Wisconsin. I told management it was the worst place I have ever worked. I also told them I would not be deceitful as they are. I gave my notice on Thur 31, 07 and the next day they turned me into the state for an allegation of misconduct. I was blamed for forcing a med to a patient. She took the meds from me in a cup. She spoke german and was depressed. The complaint was for the past two days. How convienent. Plus I told them in my email resignation that I knew what they were up to(not the best thing to do). I knew they were covering up numerous things. LTC is notorious in this region. This left a foul taste in my mouth for nursing. So back to your question. Yes there are alot of people on this registry. Remember tho, some may be quilty but some may be innocent as well. Are you a nurse or CNA?
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    fuzz ball i will admit i did make a mistake ok. i did what i want to do at a place where i worked the last. the other places i have gotten fired from there was not excuse for me being fired. i was a c.n.a
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    Hey, I'm curious; what is the website for that?
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