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  1. Hey! I am currently a pre-nursing student at UWM. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions on getting in the program. I apply this summer for the Spring 2012 program and I am looking for ideas to put on my application to make me stand out or what my chances are of getting in...

    So far... I have a 3.3GPA but my nursing GPA is slightly higher (about 3.5 estimate). I have 300+ volunteer hours in the past 2 years including americacorps, americaReads, a free local clinic, volunteer work in Hong Kong teaching children English, and other community based volunteer work. I also have had a job throughout college. I currently work as a nanny. I am wondering if getting my CNA would benefit me? I am also applying to be a chemistry tutor next semester. I have traveled to Hong Kong to study abroad for a semester. I will be joining a nursing mentoring club on campus as well next semester as well as working with one of my professors for world health day to explain the importance of nursing students studying abroad. Besides this, I am planning on doing some volunteer work at a hospital in my area. If anyone has applied for this program, please tell me your story! Whether you got in or not... Again, I am also looking for suggestions as to how to better improve my chances.

    I am also dyslexic and I am wondering if it is a good idea to put this on my application to show how hard I work and the accomplishments I have achieved despite the obstacles-- I have actually been a note-taker for other students with disabilities in my classes in the past. Or... would this be something to keep hidden as they may think that I won't be able to think quickly and efficiently in times of an emergency?

    Besides this, I am looking for back-up plans in case I don't get accepted. Does anyone know of other good programs that you automatically are accepted into? I heard that cardinal stritch does as well as alverno? It doesn't need to be in WI if it's private though...

    Please tell me your stories and suggestions/advice! Anything is welcome!!

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  3. by   doodledome
    Hi there,
    So I actually got into and went through UWMS program and graduated 2yrs ago. I did have mult. friends who didnt get in and went to MSOE. I actually believe they got a better education there and came out more prepared to be a nurse since they got 3 years of clinicals along with doing trimesters they had 3 rotations a year! Their entire last year was focused on critical care. So if ICU/ED is an area of interest strongly suggest looking into here.

    Downfall about UWM is you have so many people in your classes you dont get to know your teachers and your clinical teachers see so many of us that they dont remember who you are later down the road if you need a letter of recommendation etc. Something to think about. I had 90 ppl in my classes! I had a nurse internship and this helped me be more prepared after graduation otherwise UWM focuses on public health A LOT! This does not prepare you for the hospital setting upon graduation.

    Also I think you have plenty going for you on your application. Don't sweat it. You will be fine either way. I would let them know about your dyslexia because I find it a positive. You had to work extra hard to get to where you are and you do so much outside of school to set yourself up for success.

    Good Luck in your nursing Career! Very exciting!
  4. by   SELnurse
    Wow, Amanda! That is all very great information! I was actually looking at MSOE as an alternative. Did they start out there or transfer? I am actually very interested in ER and ICU as possible careers and have noticed the focus on community healthcare at UWM which... I am not really that into... I would rather be in the excitement, but that's hard to tell without experience and only being a pre-nursing student. Why did you choose UWM instead of MSOE if you feel that they better prepare you? MSOE has 3 years of clinicals instead of 2? I really took a round-about path to nursing and I am already 2.5 years behind. =/ In what way did you feel unprepared from UWM? I am really interested in finding out the pros and cons from other students!

    Thanks for your response!
  5. by   doodledome
    My friends actually started out at UWM and transfered into MSOE. Only downfall is that they had to start out almost as a freshman and take less courses. The ones that have went there though enjoyed it (every program has its quirks)and got to know there teachers really well to. With UWM I liked it for the most part but felt like they did not focus on skills but more on assessments. Knowing your assessments is GREAT but simple things like different medications, titration of medication drips, handeling more complicated patients you will not get through UWM.

    My husband actually went to MSOE and I feel he knows so much more than I do! I can tell you from his experience he liked the smaller classes (get to know your classmates and teachers on personal level). First year of clinicals 2+3rd trimesters at nursing homes, community health focus. 2nd year was 1st trimester medical/surgical focus, 2nd trimester labor and delivery with mom/baby rotation, and 3rd trimester medsurg floor at childrens hospital. 3rd year he was on 1st trimester icu at childrens, 2nd trimester trauma Icu at froedtert, and 3rd trimester ICU at st. joes where they hired him.

    My experience: 1st semester clinical- boys/girls club
    2nd semester clinical- med/surg st. joes
    3rd semester- med/surg columbia st marys- aau in ozaukee - if you go to UWM take this rotation its a step down icu and you see a wide variety of patients
    4th semester- psychiatric/mombaby
    UWM clinicals are what you make them. Many ppl. the last semester didnt want to commute to racine however psych is GREAT to have because every pt has some sort of psych. component so i suggest doing it. Made me so much more comfortable talking to patients. Also Racines mom/baby is CRAZY busy so you will see a lot.

    Many people who went to Alverno really enjoyed it as well. I am currently here for my masters and it is a different way of thinking. No grades. They do have a great nursing program.

    My problem with cardnial stritch/matc. is you only are getting your associates degree. Many hospitals are going away from hiring these and at many hospitals you can not advance as far in your role as an RN if you only have your associates. Since you are already so far in i suggest just finishing it out and getting your bachelors.


    3rd semester
  6. by   williams84
    Are you talking about applying to Spring 2012 clinicals or Fall 2012? I just was wondering because they already selected Spring candidates.

    Make sure you have a solid science GPA of 3.5. I was told that was a deciding factor when I did my application over the summer. I just got in, but I'm not entirely sure what awaits me.

    I am a second degree student (first was in Accounting and History) and I was enlisted in the Navy for four years. I made sure to include that in my essay. The trick is to make yourself stand out from the other candidates. If you include everything above while answering their question, you should be fine. Good luck to you! :-)
  7. by   SELnurse
    I apply this summer for the Spring 2013 clinicals. Do you have any other suggestions? I am also wondering which other schools to apply to, which have good reputations, and great clinicals. I want to be as prepared as I can when I graduate! I'm also thinking about applying to some schools in MN because WI residents still get in-state tuition. Does anyone know any good state nursing schools in MN as well as WI?
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  8. by   doodledome
    I dont know to much about nursing schools in mn but have heard good things about winona state there. Also look into private schools they may be cheaper than you think. Many give you scholorships for transfering in if your gpa is good. From personal experience my husband ended up paying 12,000/year for a private education in nursing while I paid 8,000 at uwm. Good Luck!
  9. by   SELnurse
    Thanks for the feedback! I will probably end up doing a private school if I don't get accepted into UWM.
  10. by   SELnurse
    So, I was wait-listed for the UWM program. I am now seriously thinking about attending MSOE. Can anyone tell me their experiences with the university? It's a bit expensive. So, advice on how you paid for it would be helpful. If you transferred in from UWM, which courses transferred over? and how long did it take to start clinicals? Also, how is the coursework? I heard it's pretty dense as there are 10 week trimesters. Did you like the trimesters? Looking for pros and cons. Also, were you able to find a job afterwards? and do you feel that it was worth it in the end?

    I am a 5th year student with nothing to show for it, my aid is going to run out soon and I am starting to get burnt out! I just want to be a nurse, but I keep getting held back! I really just would like to know your experiences. Also, if anyone knows of other direct-entry programs, let me know! =)
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  11. by   soxgirl2008
    I've heard good things about Columbia College of Nursing and I believe it's cheaper than MSOE. Most of the students I know from UWM who transferred there only had to take two extra classes before starting clinicals ( a philosophy and communications class I believe )
  12. by   SELnurse
    They did not need to re-take their chemistry courses? I have already taken all of the communications courses (I used to be a communications major). My biggest thing is that I do not want to retake chem and math.
  13. by   soxgirl2008
    Nope I don't believe so. I would stay away from Alverno. I know a few students from UWM who transferred there and had to take a whole year of extra pre-reqs before starting clinicals, which is a big waste of money IMO.If you go to ccon.edu and go to future students and then transfer admissions there is a UWM transfer credit guide link which shows all the classes that transfer
  14. by   Nurs23Student
    I am applying to the UWM program also. I noticed you said you weren't accepted into the program and I am shocked! Everything you said you've done makes me wonder why you wouldn't have gotten in right away? If this isn't too personal, would you mind telling me why you didn't get accepted? Was it just too full?


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