UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

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    I'm new to this forum. I'm a middle aged (41) career changer about to embark on the remaining two years necessary to complete a BSN in Nursing. I have a previous undergrad in a totally unrelated field. I'm just finishing up some pre-reqs at MATC, and will take additional pre-reqs in Spring 2018, and aiming for a Fall 2018 start. Right now, I'm trying to decide between UW Milwaukee and MSOE for the BSN. I've tried to research both schools and have come across limited info. I would love your whatever input you may be able to provide with regards to pros and cons for either program. I have read that UW Milwaukee doesn't exactly prepare you for a hospital setting?? How can that be true? All I've read about MSOE is that it is very intense and expensive, but definitely worth the extra tuition cost. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. by   Rionoir
    My AP teachers wife works in HR at Children's, and she said WCTC grads go to the top, followed by UWM and Marquette. There's really no point paying for a private school to get a nursing degree especially in this area unless you are independently wealthy. I would recommend UWM or WCTC strongly. There are students at WCTC who have transferred from UWM and we're glad to be there though I can tell you that much.
  4. by   Rionoir
    Just want to add - look at the tuition differences. I can't imagine a single reason you'd pay 20k+ a year to get the same job as the public schools will get you. It would be insanity. All the hospitals around us have residency programs to get you up to speed.
  5. by   guidoth1
    Thanks for your comments, Rionoir. I have considered those same points myself, especially regarding taking on a huge student loan. I guess the reason that I have been considering MSOE is that I would be done sooner since it's an accelerated program. At 41 years old, I've been feeling old these days; especially for starting a new career as a nurse. Most people tell me not to worry about my age because they say there are many nursing students in their 40s, but I still feel it. I guess, though, what's the point in paying 25k more in tuition just to save 6 months time.

    One last question Rionoir; has your contact at Children's HR said anything about MATC? That's a program I'm considering as well. Thanks!

  6. by   Rionoir
    Gotcha Dan I didn't think of that. So if you can start working six months sooner it might change the equation a little bit you'll have to do the math, but it's still a good chunk of change if you're taking a loan.

    We didn't talk about WCTC specifically, but like I said it was WCTC, UWM and Marquette on the top pretty much. I do know a recent MATC graduate (friend) who got a job right away at the veterans hospital, so it's not like you'd be unemployable or anything.

    I'm 41 too by the way! Trust me there's no shortage of adults our age in classes - I have yet to be the oldest in any of my classes. I'm planning on going all the way through grad school for a CRNA license - still plenty of time to work after that right?
  7. by   guidoth1
    Hi Rinoir. Your comments have me thinking a bit now. Good stuff to consider! That's also awesome that you're 41 as well; good to know that I'm not alone at this stage of my career change. Are you also a male going into nursing, like myself?

    I, too, plan on going all the way through grad school to the DNP level. Or at least the masters level. I've read conflicting info on whether to obtain the Masters or DNP for NP. As a CRNA, you need the DNP, is that right?
  8. by   Rionoir
    Yup I'll be a murse as well I will need a DNP, you need it if you start working after 2022 for CRNA, I'm honestly not sire the dates for NP. You probably will too if you haven't started any nursing classes yet though I'm guessing. Which is fine though it's only 3 years instead of 2 so whatever right, and then you get to be Dr. (Outside of the hospital at least haha) Marquette is going to be offering an anesthetist program starting in 2018 I'm excited about that.
  9. by   guidoth1
    Interesting. Where did you find this information regarding these dates, etc? Marquette is definitely an option for me in the future since they have the ADN to BSN and the BSN to DNP.

    Where are you going to school right now? Are you in the core nursing courses already?
  10. by   Rionoir
    I just looked up NP and it seems like the recommendation was for them to be DNP by 2015, but organizations aren't accepting that. As far as I can tell it's still just a MSN requirement to be a NP. So that's nice

    I'm at WCTC just starting nursing classes in a couple weeks. I can't wait, it feels like I've been on break so months lol
  11. by   guidoth1
    I think that's what I noticed as well, on WI Healthcareers. That's exactly why I've been confused about it. I know someone who is going for her DNP at Marquette who told me that you can get a job as a NP with a Masters, but the DNP offers you more options.

    WCTC, hey? Nice!! Good luck to you this first semester! Must be exciting! I hope you don't mind if I stay in touch with you periodically. Always nice to know people that are in the same boat as you in a few ways. I will be starting somewhere in the fall semester. I suppose it depends on where I get in, too!
  12. by   Rionoir
    Make sure you look up the petition dates and process really soon. Have you taken any CNA or BLS courses? You'd need both of those for WCTC, I'm not sure about the other schools but I'm sure they have some requirements you'll need to get done before petitioning.

    Definitely stay in touch! Curious to see where you end up.
  13. by   guidoth1
    Spring 2018 I'm finishing up Micro, Biochem, and the CNA. MATC allowed me to petition with those in progress. Sounds like WCTC is different. I willl call them today just to double-check. Lotta work to do, as you well know!

    I will most certainly stay in touch. I myself am curious where I'll end up as well. HAHAHAHA.
  14. by   Rionoir
    You are able to petition with the reqs in progress for sure I remember the petition date being pretty early in the semester too

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