UW Hospital RN's in Madison, give me the gouge!

  1. In just a few short weeks I graduate with an AS in nursing, and am considering the UW Health "New to Practice" program for new RN's. If you've been through the program, have knowledge of it, or are working in the UW Health system please tell me about your experiences. It sounds like such a great program and hospital system, but you know how things that sound too good to be true, often are? I am an assertive student who reaches pretty high, and hope to end up a successful PICU (or similar) nurse. In the mean-time, I am looking for the best opportunity for growth, education, experience, and advancement in an urban, fast-paced environment where I can lay down a solid foundation as a beginner. Please some pro's and con's for taking a position in the UW Health system. Thanks for the input!

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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    it's been more than 20 years (how time flies!) since i left my job at the uw, so i don't have any recent information to contribute. but if you're living in florida and dreaming of wisconsin, go for it. madison is a lovely city and a great place to live. worked in the micu at the uw, and i loved it there. i was new to icu, and got a good foundation there that has served me well in the decades since. the people were great to work with, and the patient population is going to be far nicer and more cooperative (for the most part) that you will believe! (i'm in baltimore now, and i miss those polite old farmers that i used to take care of in madison!)

    if you think you're interested in madison, take the time to visit for a few days. the winter may take some getting used to for you, but remember -- polypropylene underwear makes the winter much warmer!
  4. by   motyandproudofit
    You posted a long time ago but I was wondering if you ever did go through the New to Practice program at UW.

    I graduate from an ADN program in Florida in December 2009 and am looking to move back home to Madison. I am interested in working at UW and/or anywhere that offers a internship program to get me transitioned into the real thing. I have emailed the recruiter at UW. It's been about one week an I haven't heard anything yet.

    Also, If you are still in the Madison area, could you comment on the current job market for nursing in that area?

  5. by   PMFB-RN
    Sorry no help here with UW but I work at St. Joseph's hospital in Marshfield and graduated from their Nurse Residency program. St. Jo's is a slightly larger hospital than UW. I work in the SICU and came here as a new grad. Our program is 7 months long and you will graduate with the skills and knowledge to go to working in the area you choose. You can pick between SICU, MICU, PICU, ER (don't recommend ER) PACU and some other units. Starting pay is a little over $21 and hour but the cost of living in central WI is very, very low. Wausau is nearby with lots of fun stuff to do.
  6. by   spikedscrubs
    I work at UW Hospital and went through the Residency program after graduation in June 2007. It was a top notch program where you are paired with a preceptor on your unit for SIX MONTHS and are enrolled in a national study where you have monthly meetings for a full YEAR with all of the other new nurses that started when you did as well as residency coordinators who follow you individually to make sure you're successful. Many other hospitals (including Meriter and St. Mary's - the other two in Madison) have much shorter orientation (think 6-12 WEEKS) so they simply don't compare. UW is a high caliber instituation with truly amazing care. I love it here!