Typical Hours and Pay Rate for New Grad

  1. I was wondering what schools give you a better chance of getting a good pay with a BSN (I want to become a Registered Nurse). Also what are the typical hours in a week for a new grad, and same thing for pay rate. I looking for the Milwaukee's, Green Bay, Appleton area.

    Thanks a bunches! :spin:
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  3. by   liberty~
    School doesn't matter. I have a BSN from a very prestigious school on the east coast and my start pay is no different than someone who went to a tech school or associate program.

    Base pay in Milwaukee area is $22.
  4. by   LuckyoneRN
    Consider looking at the Madison area...Three tertiary hospitals, starting hourly pay at my hospital (non-union) is $28.70/hr plus all usual differentials. Last year's raises were about 8-9% of base.
  5. by   Shay1
    In Green Bay they have two colleges BCON (Bellin College of Nursing) but it is very expensive.. or NWTC (Northeast WI Tech College) which is way cheaper. NWTC would be an Assoc Degree- however they have a lot of transfer programs to get your BSN at UW-Green Bay.

    I think the pay ranges in Green Bay- I have heard of some new grads starting at about 22, and others starting in ICU at 27 (but that's with shift differential etc)

    GOOD LUCK!:wink2:
  6. by   rashan1053
    School doesn't matter in the Green Bay area. I interviewed with two hospitals and both started new graduates around 21/hr. Both offered shift and 12 hour incentives.
  7. by   Cassandraann
    Anyone know what a new grad in the Green Bay area is getting now?


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