RN to BSN offered in hospital settings...

  1. Hi there!!!

    I am a current ADN Student in very far North IL. When I get my degree, my husband and I are wanting to move into Wisconsin. We are not set on an exact location, but answers to this question may actually give me some good options...

    In IL, there are some hospitals in my area that actually offer BSN completion courses at the hospitals...they offer classes like once a week and it's a fairly quick program from what I understand. Problem being, I don't want to work in IL...I don't want to be stuck here required to complete the program AND possibly have to stay on for a certain amount of time after I finish the program due to obligation.

    So, I am wondering, are there any hospitals in Wisconsin that offer this type of program? I have been researching some hospitals, but I didn't see anything. The only reason I know about these offers at the hospitals around me is because they had some flyers at school. I really want to complete my BSN and this would be the most convenient way to do it...just need to know where it might be offered!!!

    Thanks so much for your help with this!!
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  3. by   PMFB-RN
    I work at St. Joseph's hospital (500+ bed) in Marshfied. Viterbo college has an RN to BSN program that meetgs in the hospital one day a week. However it is SUPER expensive. Something like $27,000 total. The hospita will pay for about half of it in exchange for working there longer but pay at that hospital is very low to start with. About $21 an hour.
    Check out Ft. Hayes State. They have an online RN to BSN that only costs about $2800.