nursing student dilema

  1. I am applying for nursing school and currently go to uw madison. However, they recommend applying to different colleges. I planned to apply to uw milwaukee but they have many differnet prereqs (i would have to take 8 more classes b4 being admitted to the program). Im not sure if i should wait another year and continue at madison. Please give me any advice on whether i should take a full spring and summer semester to apply for uwmilwaukee or wait another year to apply again at uw madison?
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  3. by   mydee
    Also a prenursing student here the first thing you need to do is decide which schools you want to apply to. I have decide to apply for school who have mostly the same prereq classes that helps. If you are planing on going ADN first this makes things a little more difficult. However most BSN program I seen have the same prereq classes give or take a class or two.
  4. by   Dabuggy
    If you did get those 8 classes out of the way, have they reserved a spot for you in the program?? Most likely not. Before you bust your but this spring and summer you may want to check into this. Also, that is a lot of work to do BEFORE even starting the nursing program, you don't want to burn yourself out before you get in.

    Apply to other colleges and see what happens. You should consider taking the 8 classes over the next year, let the information sink in, as the nursing program builds on this foundation. If you did transfer to another college, what is the waiting list like? How long will you be on it before you start the program? Is there prereq's different and how long will it be before you get them out of the way?

  5. by   BertinaRN
    I am a Nursing Student at Gateway, I think it is great that you are going to the University for Nursing, I opted for the Tech College, because of money and time. I plan to get my BSN and Masters and for those I have to go to the University. Good Luck in your studies.
    Bertina(SN/2ND semester ADN)