New nurse student bryant and stratton bayshore looking to network with others

  1. Hello,
    I am a new student going to bryant and stratton in bayshore wi, I was looking to find other students that are attending or maybe are a semester or so ahead of me for a support group. Would like to maybe buy old books, ask about teachers and classes. Maybe we could all meet at the campus or out before class starts. talk about laptops or I pads note cards just everything.
    I hope to hear form you,

    ps I am not very good on the computer so please forgive my spelling and if I sound rude by what I typed 99.99% is it just came out wrong I am very open and like to think everyone is allowed to think the way they want. who am I to judge!!
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  3. by   on eagles wings

    It might help if you post on the Wisconsin forum. You see on the top tabs where it says Region next to Students? Click on Region and then United States. It will take you to a list of States. Look for Wisconsin Nursing Students and post this there. You'll get more answers.

    Good luck!
  4. by   2Tall4you
    How do you like it at BS? I am looking into applying for their nursing program as they have no waitlist like every other college around here.
  5. by   jwlog
    It is very hard to say I love the teachers but the work load is very hard you must put in the time. They also just got a new head of the nursing program so I am hoping she will make some good changes. I could go on and on about how they do not have act together. But like I said I did meet with the new Dean and I have high hopes. The school is very $$$$$$$$$$ and they are in it to make money. I would like to say I am proud to go to the school but time will tell. If you can not put at least 20 hrs a week into study time I would say do not come here. I would also check with the MATC or WTCC and take your english math A&P Psyc and stuff just get the course numbers that will transfer that way you could just work on nursing classes. You will find most of the nursing students are willing to help you I spend a lot of time in study groups. Over all the school is great it is the Admin that I have a prob with. I know one person that broke arm 4 days after the last day to withdraw for clinical and they did not take that into account so if she fails one class she is out of the program really how is that her fault. It is that type of stuff that just kills me not having ATI books ordered the list goes on. Anyway on a scale of 1-10 as of now I would give them a 6 and that is only because the teachers ROCK they want you to pass but sometimes it is not up to them.
    Good Luck and keep me posted
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    Moving to WI Nursing Program forum.