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Hi everyone! My name is Melissa. I've been a Certified Medical Assistant for 10 years and about 3 years ago decided to go back to school part time to get my RN. I finally finished all my pre-reqs and... Read More

  1. by   gbpack
    For the NLN RN, the test contained an English, Math and Science section. The english portion consisted of quite a few reading comprehension questions and the rest was vocab recognition. The math section was a lot of basic middle and high school math {addition, subtractions, decimals,} as well as college level algebra and a few geometry. The science was largely constructed of biology and evolutionary questions. However, chemistry, and a few A&P questions also appeared. There were also a few physics questions. In my opinion, this test seemed to parrallel the ACT. I'm not sure if the complexity or content differs at all with the NLN PN but for the most part I imagine the are similar.
  2. by   amandabell

    I'm a transfer student from another technical college. I have already taken the first semester nursing courses (fundamentals and pharmocology). I'm wondering how long if took for you to get into your program...since it is a lottery system...? I'm getting discouraged reading how long it took some people to be chosen.
  3. by   gbpack
    Regarding the MATC nursing program, I did petition once this past march and unfortunately I did not get it. It came as a shock to me because I was told if I met all of the requirements, I would have a spot in clinicals. I met and surpassed every requiremet and spent countless hours studying in order to keep a high GPA and NLN score. However, as I was told by the Dean of Nursing college Dr Nancy Vrabec, people with good grades, specifically over a 3.7 {like myself} are chosen by random {essentially out of a hat}!! Her reasoning for this was to give others a fair chance who do not have the best grades because they would not be given a chance anywhere else. I was extremely appauled by the way I was spoken to and how the program was actually run. I have since decided to discontinue my nursing at MATC. I did not want to petiton again because I know many people who petitoned 2-3 times and are still waiting!! I will be finishing my nursing school at a local University in Milwaukee. I'm very pleased with my current school. It is a shame that MATC is operated so disfunctionally because, the college is convient for many and of course much cheaper!! I wish you luck in your nursing studies.