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  1. Hi everbody I am a c.n.a and I have 7 years of exp in long term care I have been looking for work for allmost a year is there anybody else finding it hard to get a job in Milwaukee
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    "Really? Hmmm, isn't that interesting. I wonder why?"

    That's what a nurse recruiter in southern WI said to me when I mentioned that job finding was very tight. Was that just a line of bull, or was she serious? There are hiring freezes in the area.

    Anyway, welcome to the club and best of luck to 'ya. You're not alone, believe me!
  4. by   miss icicles
    something is not rite but thanks
  5. by   Biffbradford
    The economy is not right. While Wheaton St. Francis is building a new 'neuro building', Aurora is contemplating shutting down Sinai Samaritan downtown. Meanwhile, Spaulding Medical 'may' rent out space there for their drug trials. It's all a big mess.

    I like checking the Business Journal to keep in touch with what the companies are going through.
  6. by   Biffbradford
    While not everything is fixed just because it's a new year, but I just heard from good sources that hospitals are hiring again, so hopefully that's right and a good sign of things to come. Stay on it folks.
  7. by   brandy1017
    I think its a good idea to stay on top of things by reading the Business Journal for the city you work in or near! You find out a lot about hospital politics, economics and plans!
  8. by   Biffbradford
    Everybody I have talked with this past week has said that the need for staff (of all kinds) is there. There are plenty of patients, the work is there. Companies are just being super cautious so they don't have to force layoffs later down the road.
  9. by   Lexirunner
    If you're looking for a job as a CNA, maybe it depends on where you apply? I live just west of Waukesha and was called back for interviews at almost every place I applied, and offered a job for each interview, with no experience. These were all assisted living/LTC facilities though. I haven't tried applying at any hospitals, but there are quite a few positions open in this area in hospitals. Good luck!
  10. by   doodledome
    You are not alone. My mom after 20 years of ICU/Med-surg nurse quit her job due to burnout and poor management and found a job that she hates but took it because after a year and a half she had to do something. No one will hire her because she quit on the spot at her last employer after working there for 12 years!! I have noticed hospitals in MKE hiring new grads before experienced nurses due to them being much cheaper. Sad. Best of luck to you.