Cross your Fingers for me!!!!!

  1. I'm excited. I've actually been considering going through an online college to finish up my nursing (getting my RN), because MATC and I have not been great. I failed my Med/Surg class in the RN program (2nd time taking it), and submitted all the forms and a letter to re-take the class so I can finish up. After not hearing from them for a few months I figured they lost my information or they decided not to allow me to retake the class. However I got a email from the Dean of Nursing and she said that my stuff was sent over to the Committee but they will not be having a meeting until Janurary 16th. So I hope to find out what they decide not to long after that date.

    Cross your fingers for me that they let me retake it - because if they do I just have that one class, then one last semester and then I'm done! I'll graduate and then take my NCLEX-RN.

    Oh I hope they allow me to retake the class, it just sucks that I have to wait that long, but I guess it's my fault.

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  3. by   NaomieRN
    Good luck to you.
  4. by   nurseangel47
    Good luck to you in your future endeavors...keep us posted! We'll be rooting for ya!
  5. by   Annie2005
    HORRAY!!! They decided to meet early and the granted my request to come back to the RN program and re-take just that one class! I'm so excited! And because they were so early with their decision I am able to register (did that today) and take it starting THIS MONTH (1-22-07)!! I also got a new job and started that too! Got to work this weekend, but it's still fun. I'm so excited things are going so well for me right now!!!