Best employee benefits/insurance in southeastern wi

  1. I am a graduate nurse, and will be taking the NCLEX-RN January 20th. I am currently working as a home health nurse making really good money. But the thing is, is there is no insurance.

    I am interested in working part time somewhere near Burlington. I have been thinking:

    United Hospital system (kenosha/pleasant prairie)
    Froedert (milwaukee)
    Wheaton Franciscan (racine/franklin)
    Mercy (lake geneva area)

    Can any employees tell me about the employee benefits/insurance....and starting pay?
    I will have to get insurance for my 2 toddler children and family insurance is what I am looking at.

    I have heard a lot of negative things about aurora and want to stay away from aurora if this is true (is wheaton franciscan an aurora hospital?)

    Any information on these hospitals would be great!
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Wheaton Franciscan is a system that includes a number of hospitals and outpatient clinics. It is most definitely not the same as Aurora. In my experience, WF is a good employer overall. Not perfect, but better than most.

    I also have heard many negative things about Aurora, a lot of them from Aurora employees. They are known as "the bean counters," because everything is done strictly by the numbers. I have also heard Aurora patients complain about their hospital stays, saying that they felt staffing was inadequate and their care was lacking.

    If I had to steer you toward one or the other, I'd recommend WF hands down!

    Best wishes.
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  4. by   Ashton&AverysMommy
    Anybody else?
  5. by   Biffbradford
    Although, all hospitals are posting openings, are they actually hiring?

    I don't think anyone has an option of shopping around for the best package deal in these hard times.

    If anyone has been hired in a Wisconsin ( or Illinois) hospital in the past few months - SPEAK!
  6. by   evolvingrn
    I started at a hospital 3 months ago we had about 20 people in our orientation class and they said the following month was even bigger but that was the most they had hired in a month in a really really long time. Good luck!
  7. by   rn/writer
    Which hospital or hospital system?

    Congrats on getting hired.
  8. by   evolvingrn
    It was in a Madison area hospital.
  9. by   Ashton&AverysMommy
    Well I just wanted to update everybody, that I did apply to froedert and united hospital system. I was denied within a few days from froedert (because i had to answer yes or no questions such as "do you have a license for this position" and I had to check "no" because I didn't take the NCLEX yet.).

    I did however get a call from United hospital I had a great phone conversation with the HR person, and she said she would forward it to her manager, and if they are interested they would call me back. Crossing my fingers!!!
  10. by   tri-rn
    For benefits, check out the VA system. If you're in the Burlington area N Chicago or Hines shouldn't be too hard a drive. Milwaukee's not too bad a drive either. I didn't look through all 37 pages on this link, I saw a few Hines and N Chicago positions.
  11. by   Biffbradford
    The VA in Milwaukee has had ONE opening for an RN (that I've seen) in the past 6 months. The application deadline for that ended yesterday. I started to apply (it's a long process!) but suddenly got called up for an interview else where, so I never completed it. It was for their ICU.
  12. by   evolvingrn
    good for you ...Hope you get it!
  13. by   happyclinicRN
    Any luck on the job? I would not discount aurora. I have been happily employed there for over 2 years. Of course I am sure just like anywhere if you have a floor/dept with bad mgmt it wil be hell. Just try to choose wisely. And remember you are able to transfer in 6 mo if it is really awful. Like the other poster said one can not afford to be choosey in this economy. Just get your foot in the door anywhere!
  14. by   sweetlilwolf
    FMLH benifits are NOT great... they are ok.. but definitly not the best around town.