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Hi, Might anyone on the boards be attending Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee WI? If so, would you leave a reply? Thanks much :)... Read More

  1. by   happynurse20
    Quote from sprklplnty

    The reason I was most disappointed in my experience at MSOE was because I was a non traditional student, 49 years old at the time. There were no other students my age and most were straight out of high school. MSOE is also on the quarter system which is a huge transition from the semester system. I found it almost impossible to absorb all the information especially in the sciences without having had a science class in 30 years.

    It seemed that the younger students did well and were quite happy. The other thing is, if you fail a class, that class may not be offered again until the next school year. This would delay graduation by an additional quarter or so.

    Good luck to you at MSOE and let me know how you are doing.


    Thanks for writing back and sharing your experience at MSOE.
    I agree with you that one can find science class challenging after such a long time. But I'm especially glad that you did not give up your dreams and that you're very happy at Mt. Mary/Columbia College of Nursing.

    Will let you know how am doing at MSOE -- thanks again for sharing your experience and good luck in your pursuit.

  2. by   amandabell
    Could someone please tell me more about the nursing programs in the Milwaukee area? Have considered MATC. What can get me in and out, easy curriculum...I've feel like I've wasted a great deal of time and energy at the technical college. Thank you!!! I look forward to hearing back from you all!!!! =)