Winter uniforms for nurses?

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does anyone know if there are winter uniforms available for nursing students, its getting cold here in the north and i need to wear all white to clinical and scrubs for class.. the unifroms i have now are thin.. do they make them any thicker?

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Landau and Dickies make pretty think scrubs in general.

I can't think of the ones off-hand but there are scrub companies that have flannel-material tops.

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Can you wear a white long sleeved pullover under your top? How about heavy hoisery and body stockings?


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If I were up there I'd buy those really nice silk, long-sleeved crew neck shirts to wear under a scrub top. You know the kind, they're nice wicking fabric, soft and toasty. I think LL Bean, or Eddie Bauer has them.


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all that I do is wear a plain white sweater over my scrubs and a shirt underneath as well...that usually keeps me warm, and too hot too! ;)

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