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Hi everybody. Long time no see! I would like to ask anybody from the LPN - area of nursing ---- How it is -to be LPN in Colorado. The thing is - I am LPN from California but would like to move to Denver. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Actually, I have been working as a home-health nurse more than 5 years with tonnes of experience but what I see in internet now - it's kind of difficult to find any real sites/places to search a job. Also - how is it - to live in Colorado? Thank you all in advance.

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I can tell you that LPN's in CO have a pretty limited scope of practice. I worked with a lpn who moved from CA a few years back (when i lived in CO) and she was really frustrated by what was available to her. But CO is a great place to live.

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Colorado is awesome but doesn't utilize LPNs as much as in other states. I've never worked with one in a hospital. They are mostly in nursing homes as far as I know.

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