will two 0.5FTE in the same company have full time benefit?

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I called HR today regarding to the above question. They think that 0.5FTE+0.5FTE (in the same company, two different departments) equal part-time benefit. They are not entirely sure and will get back to me. Anyone has any experience on this? 

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Each facility handles differently,  issue is affect on budget for each unit. Some places permit, others won't --issue with potential for overtime increasing unit cost..  Only this facilities HR can give definitive answer.

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Everyone is different, but at my organization, absolutely. We have one nurse who works a 0.2 in my department, and a 0.7 in another department.  But she was hired as a 0.9 and that's what she is considered, for purposes of benefits.

treeye said:

thanks everyone for your input. I finally heard back from benefit specialist in HR that you can get full time benefit for two 0.5 FTE positions in the health system for an exempt employee as well. 


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