Will There be a job For Me ??

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Just been reading posts here and there on all nurses, and man, am I becoming discouraged!

I am a recent LPN grad. Have aide experience, but am about to take my boards, and will be looking

for LPN job next month.

I read on here how NO ONE seems to want LPN's. I hope I can find a job!

Well, at least I know there is a support place (here at allnurses) where I can go when I need encouragement!



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don't hold your breathe...


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breath. oops

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The nursing homes around here still hire some LVNs but, by and large, it's not a very in-demand role.

You might be one of the fortunate ones but it would be wise to be forming your contingency plans at the same time.

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Home health is another place that looks for LPNs.

I know at the hospital I work they don't hire any .

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