how will i take it smoother with my co-nurses.

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I had always been loyal and honest with my job and I do it in all the patience i can possibly muster. However, i feel so down and hurting to the point of nursing grudges with my co- nurses. because my loyalty is only up to the point of not doing it even they all help out to do it.

During non-office hours my supervisor at e.r. takes the responsibility of deciding further actions to be made (all actions) for every patient that provides an incomplete verifications of their status. Because my hospital only caters to the health needs of the members and their dependents all for free. But then non-members and non-dependents often come and they are given provisions of care in a category of a pay-patient.

and my problem always come up with decisions of my supervisor that give orders not to log a supposed pay-patient to benifit a free hospital service. and not only me at e.r. that he gives out order with but to all departments that provides an actions for that patient category and like me they would rather takes their silence as it is against the hospital rules than reporting the supervisor that later find its wayback and seek even a personal scrutiny for such a problem.

I had a close to fighting encounter with the nurse i am receiving an endorsement for my night/graveyard duty shift. because he is endorsing a pay-patient that provides no identification or trace of receiving or making use of the hospital service to get a free hospital service even with the numerous and expensive use of the hospital facilities because his supervisor during his duty hours ordered him to. and I ussually dont allow it with my time for i always logged them without fail. Even against the order of my supervisor for i am aware of how he should give a rightful order not against the hospital rules.So i made and give him my decision that he will make duty extentions not payable as an o.t. jujst to continue his nursing care until the patient goes out of the e.r. at least to make him aware i dont held myself involved in such a n illegal activity.

Most of my co-nurses at e.r. keep their distance a nd i keep mine . they share a very close relationship and I cant keep one. it is hurting for i also want to be a part of their outing that takes me in as a part of the team A ND AFRIEND. until now I KEEP A HURTING SOUL ON THOSE BELIEF AND IDEALS I KEEP A STEADY STAND. iTS GOOD TO THINK I AM HONEST B UT IT IS TAKING ME INTO A DEFINITION I AM AWAre they provide todefine me and they are more of a bad. I aLSO DONT WANT TO GET AN ATTITUDE OUT OF THE SITUATIONS. PLEASE HELP.:o :confused:


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Do you have the choice NOT to work where you do???? If so, perhaps you can move somewhere else. Isee you are in the Phillipines so I can imagine opportunities are few but I had to ask. I am so sorry for all the trouble; it sounds like a tremendously tough spot to be in.

I make it a rule not to seek out friendships where I work. If they happen spontaneously because we "click", that is well and good. But, I have never gone to work with the hope or expectation that my coworkers would be my FRIENDS-----my work and home life are VERY separate for a strong reason. It keeps me sane and healthy.

Maybe you need other interests outside work where friendships can form and blossom-----church, clubs, etc. I have no idea where in the Phillipines you are, but I would hope there is something out there for you to do as a hobby/pastime whereby you could meet others.

I wish you the best. I would want nothing to do with illegal activities, either. It's a really rough thing you are dealing with. Take care and good luck!


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Only advice I have to offer is...Always be true to yourself and do what you KNOW is right :)


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thanks for taking time to share your ideas with my problem. as I also apologized my problem were posted in a manner very much detailed where i could have made it more direct and precise.

taking a move to quit my job has not been considered yet though i would want to think I can do it that easily.. your idea of keeping friends rather outside of work is a thing i would want to consider.I would want to think it has been a silly idea to hope and consider friendship to takes its place between us at e.r. co-nurses for i had actually gone through enough pain and helpless move in my attemptto point them of their mistakes and of what is proper over things obviously are against the rules and regulations of the company that I had kept to follow myself.

i am very much grateful for having things to consider from your response to my problem.

no matter how i sometimes wish to go back more often into the comforts of silence. I feel more of a deppressing incapacity in doing it so. i am just praying that time will be alittle bit kindier in the future and into another place and people. again, thank you.


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