will take NCLEX RN for the second time..tips, advice please!!


just submitted my reapplication to texas bon.. haven't started with my review yet i've been procrastinating probably because of the holidays or maybe it's just my excuse to not get started with my review. I really want to pass this time.. I know my mistakes the first time but I believe I'm doing the same thing again...please i dunno what to do. I lack motivation and I don't know where to start.. I want to take the exam before april. I hope I have enough time to prepare. I'm giving myself til this week to slack around and get my study materials ready. I hope giving myself a deadline is a start.


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First, you have to be mentally focused and ready...have a plan/schedule..do your best to apply it!..you must turn off all your distractors...if the holidays is one of them then wait after the holiday to begin studying..I failed once also..I used only kaplan last time..this time is so much different...I am using Hurst, which I love..its pure content..then I have various resources which I thought it would overwhelm it hasn't a bit..I thought Kaplan was enough last but unfortunately it wasn't...you have to use what is best for you...I almost done with Lacharity and Lippincott's alt q's, I have used some ATI q's/NCLEX 4000/Saunders 5 th q's and brushed some info...yeah as you can see I been going crazy..but I want to feel 100% ready for the next try, I am sure I will nail it..Good luck to you and think positive! WE WILL SUCCEED :)


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Thanks sil2012 your words were huge relief yeah i think i'll just wait til the holidays are over im doing few q&a's just to see where my knowledge is..after new years im shutting off social media till i take my exam!! And i'll just stick to few materials the last time was just too much. Thanks again!!!