Will Only Having Psychiatric Experience Hinder Me As FNP


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I have been a registered nurse since 2018, the only two specialties I've been providing care in is psychiatry and long-term health care. Psychiatry is my primary specialty (started in the Winter of 2019) and even though I work in a level 1 trauma hospital, I've only done three blood draws and one unsuccessful IV stick, now lab is providing 24 hr sticks.. Since the beginning of this year, I have been a student in a very detailed FNP program but in the back of my mind there's fear of not having enough medical experience to even think about being a provider.

I've found myself researching emergency nurse jobs, not in my current hospital, but again fear is rearing it's head and preventing me from applying. For any FNPs/ACNPs out there, please give your input on my situation.

Thank you

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I got my start in psych and worked for 15 years before branching out into corrections. Bit of a learning curve but at least there was a lot of overlap with psych. When I decided it was time to get out of jail, I got a job on a surgical specialty floor. Even bigger learning curve. Some of the machines hadn't even been invented when I was in nursing school.

Luckily they provided me with a great orientation (not cut short like in most places) and I did very well at that job. I went on to other areas from there and managed to do just fine.

Interesting note: I made it through a 37-year nursing career without having started a single IV or dropping a single NG tube. I was willing to develop both skills but the opportunity never arose and I managed to sail through without.

The main thing you need anywhere is the willingness to learn and adapt.


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One word: no.

You likely won't be qualified to work in ER as APN with FNP only, but you will be a cherry-pick for SNF and primary care office jobs. Psych experience is always welcome there. Nobody will care about your IV skills, and you will do anything with your hands except physical exams just as much as you would like, all the way to pure zero.