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will it be too much to take anatomy while in the lvn program



i am doing my pre reqs for nursing rignt now i am taking micro and my lvn programs starts in the middle of may, micro ends the end of may so i dont think that will be to much of a problem.

but in september i really wanna take anatomy but do u guys think that it will be too much trying work, take anatomy and do the lvn program? has anyone done this i need some advice.


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in my LPN program Anatomy is part of term 1 along with 6 other courses so I am sure you can do it too


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While it's totally doable, I would definitely suggest taking it prior to the program. I took ap1 last fall and it's a tough class! You have to dedicate quite a bit of time to it..I took it with nutrition & math, and my math suffered a bit because I had to devote so much time to memorizing everything! It's quite a fun and interesting class, but definitely not easy if you're taking 5 other classes along with it.

Plus, I think it'd be easier on someone if they have already had anatomy so they go into the program with knowledge of it already.. It'd make it a heck of a lot easier !

I am taking 7 classes right now, A&P being one of them...I find the class very interesting but, have to say that class is the toughest of my current classes just due to the volume of information. If you can take it ahead of time I'd do it....as I also run into many A&P things being discussed in other classes & it would have made alot more sense if I had finished A&P ahead of time.