Will I have a hard time ever getting another job as an RN if I was fired from my last job and had my license temporarily suspended and reinstated with stipulations?


I am on probation with BRN and was wondering about how bad this would look for employers


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Yes I do believe many jobs will have a hard time looking past or around that to hire you but I don't think it's impossible for you to find a job. I think you will just have to not be picky when looking for a job and be open to whatever comes your way. Nursing homes is what comes to mind.  But I do believe that there are hospitals and clinic who will still hire you. Good luck. 


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JW - it's usually the stipulations that will narrow down your ability to be hired. Not all jobs are stipulation-friendly. There are some, but you'll need to find what meshes with your desires. But you most likely will NOT have much 'picking & choosing' facilities to choose from. From readings here, it's said that dialysis is a good option.

And welcome to AN. I usually suggest to new members to use an anonymous screen name here. Too many 'everybody & anybody' read posts here.  Incl recruiters, HR, etc. You don't want your business being public info.

Good luck to you.