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Will I be able to get licensed in Pennsylvania?? Need help!

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This fall I will hopefully be starting my last year of nursing school. However, this past December I was caught shoplifting at my local Walmart. I understand what I did was very stupid. At the time I was struggling with living situations and fincancial support. I had barely any money to my name. I know that is no excuse for what I did and I am so disappointed in myself. I was not arrested or charge with a misdemeanor or felony. I was charge with an infraction one count retail theft charge. I was not put on probation or anything like that. I only had fines to pay. The judge was extremely understanding and because I had no previous criminal history and cooperated with everyone involved, he gave me the opportunity to take retail theft classes. Once I completed the classes abd paid all my fines the charge was withdrawn/dismissed and was dropped to a disorderly conduct. However, retail theft with still show up on my full FBI background checks. I am extremely concerned if I will be able to get licensed in Pennsylvania and become a nurse. I love nursing and I do not want this one mistake to ruin all my chances of becoming a nurse. This whole situation is tearing me apart. I am starting to not be able to slep at night because I am so worried. If anyone can give me some advice on my situation I would greatly appreciate it. I really need some help thank you!


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