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Will they honor my BSN after passing NCLEX-RN?


Hello Everyone,

I am a silent follower of this group. I know one day I will be needing all your help to answer my query as I am really confused. I am an internationally educated nurse (from Philippines) back in 2010. I have submitted my CGFNS-CES professional and passed my IELTS last yr. Fast forward, I have passed my NCLEX-RN in Wa State 2 weeks ago.. My question is: will they honor my BSN or will they still require me to finish or go back to school to get the BSN? What I am thinking is that since I have my CGfNS CES report sent to them already (which they reviewed, and approved that’s why they gave me my ATT), then I don’t need to finish the BSN anymore.. Is this true? I emailed the person helping IEN like me in Wa Nrsng Commission but she didn’t answer this question.

Thank you and will appreciate any feedback...

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

Welcome, @Frances060818! Your post has been moved to the Nursing Registration forum for more relevant responses. You may also find it helpful to browse through the posts here to see others' experiences.

vince_reads, BSN, LVN, RN

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Yes. Your BSN is acknowledged. You should have BSN, RN after your name. No need to put USRN (like how other Filipinos label themselves, for the sole purpose of colonial mentality).