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Will my GPA be good enough for a Master's


I am a new nurse and I graduated with a cumulative 3.78 GPA and 3.84 if you are just looking at science and nursing course...I graduated magna cum laude. Is this GPA good enough to get in Columbia's adult nurse practitioner program in about 3 years. Also what would be a good GRE score? Obviously I have to work as a registered nurse first so that is what I want to do for 3 years then go to grad school. However, I really want to start planning my future now. I also want to know if working as a CCRN would be even better. Since I am a new nurse I will do med-surg for one year. Do you think I will be a competitive applicant to Columbia if I then get into critical care?

You need a certain number of practice hours to sit the CCRN exam. If you want to be, say, a gerontology NP, critical care certification may or may not be helpful, but gerontology certification would. Before you start flailing around gathering papers like a purebred puppy, why not work for those three years learning to be the best nurse you can, and who knows? You might decide you like something else entirely. You know what they say, "Tell God your plans and he laughs."

Otherwise, yep, "Ask Columbia" is the right, shortest answer. :)