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hi guys i am currently taking my prereqs for nursing and i have a friend who is doing the same in another city. the problem is i know this friend has been hospitalized at least 3 times in the last 6 years for suicide attempts and depression. She is currently seeing her psychiatrist and therapist again and is on a few different meds. She alomst tried to commit suicide again about 2.5 months ago. This frind also has MS. so their is a physical limitation as well. My question is if she is able to get through nursing school will be she be able to get a license. This is a touchy subject and i have not brought it up to her but i'd hate to see her go through school and spend all that time and money and not be able to get a license. What if anything do you guys know about this?


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To my knowledge medical records are still confidential. However, if she is this unstable now how in the heck will she handle a crazy nite at work? It sounds like a better idea for her to focus on getting her life a bit more settled and then tackling nursing school. It would be a shame for her to have yet another let down. My 2 cents.

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i secretly agree with this (i know that on a bad day no way in heck would i want her as my nurse even though i love her) but was just wondering if she would even be allowed because i read the nursing handbook for my school and it asked questions about whether we had been hospitalized for a mental illness. But it didn't say what would happen if you had been.


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- To be quite honest. Your friend will probably be "weeded out" her first semester in school.

- When that happens, you'll need to be there for her. If your friend is truly this unstable - the stress of nursing school and the shattering of her dream will most certainly push her over the edge.

- Good luck.

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i would support her looking for an allied field that would not be as stressful physically or mentally. Does she really know what nursing is about??? Has she ever shadowed a nurse or worked as a cna? I would suggest she does this first, it would help her better make up her own mind.

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i was thinking that perhaps a social case worker would be more appropriate (but who am i to deem whats appropriate for her) i just hope that she comes to this conclusion herself or maybe when her prereqs are done and she applies for the nursing program they will be able to advise her accordingly. I don't see physically how she'll make it because she has already had an MS realted episode and 911 was called in one of her classes. I want her to be as happy as she can be and wish she would talk to the dean of the nursing school and get a realisitic opinion. Her general advisor seems to not see a problem. sigh....

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