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WIA Grants for nursing


How the heck do you get a hold of these people? I've looked and googled as much as possible and can't find a number. Does anyone on here know how to get a hold of them?

Also, has anyone ever recieved a WIA grant or know what you have to do to get one, and what the require?



I got one to go to school. I qualified for the full amount (in my county at the time (Licking) it was 8000). Since I qualified for the full pell also I didn't pay a dime for my LPN program. I had to apply with a place called Opportunity Links which is a branch of your local Jobs and Family Services. They deal with training and development for getting you into the workforce. It is a GREAT program. Hope this helps...

I believe WIA stands for Workforce Initiative Development

Thanks so much! I actually found them. I'm in Hamilton county (cincinnati, ohio). I have an appointment Monday. They said their max amount is $5k, but better than nothing! I'm hoping I qualify for the entire amount. That grant with my pell would put me at only a few thousand left, which would be GREAT! I am going into the RN program once I get my LPN, do you know if they will award the grant for the RN as well? And is it one grant per program/degree, or is it per academic year?


I am currently going through this process with WIA in Summit County - they told me $7k for 1yr program and $12k for 2yr program less any grants or financial aid. However, they will pay for anything that is related to the education ie. uniforms, parking fees, books, etc. So far my case worker has been very helpful.

I am currently going through this process with WIA in Summit County - they told me $7k for 1yr program and $12k for 2yr program less any grants or financial aid. However, they will pay for anything that is related to the education ie. uniforms, parking fees, books, etc. So far my case worker has been very helpful.

Do you have the phone# or address? What did you have to do to get qualified?I live in Summit County as well but went to Cuyahoga County and was told that funds were no longer available. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You can call or visit The Job Center on Tallmadge Ave in Akron.

The Job Center

1040 E. Tallmadge Avenue

Akron, Ohio 44310

Phone: 330-633-1050 Fax: 330-633-1051

They will scheduled an orientation appt first that lasts about 15 mins of non-specific information, but it is the first step you must go through. Then you wait while they call your name to schedule an appt with a case worker. That appt is about 2-3 weeks out and lasts about 10min. Then they schedule you for a test which is fairly easy. Then you wait for a call from your case worker to go in for yet another 10 min appt. They tell you to find a school you want to go to and submit information back to them which they will process for funds. Here is the catch - you have to be approved by the school, but can't be in school yet. You then submit school paperwork and they tell you they will start process but you must take another 12 min (yes, the whole appt maybe was 15-20 min tops). Then they say they will submit your claim yet again. It is a lengthy process. Best to start asap while you are shopping schools or simulaneously waiting for school acceptance. My job did downsizing so I wasn't working and was able to schedule meetings on a drop of a hat. I started this process back in September.

I ended up being very frustrated with my case worker. I called several times and received no call back. I turned in my paperwork the same day and he didn't call back for over 1 1/2 weeks. I felt he didn't work for me and drug his feet and then said he didn't have enough time to process and needed another week to process! If he would have called me when I dropped off paperwork this would have been more than enough time and I told him. I answered his questions during the meetings and then he would call two days later to ask the same question, then two days after that to ask another question that I already answered initially.

I asked my school after the fact their experience with WIA and they said they are slow and not easy to work with. I turned in all paperwork quickly and was told several times no worries, we are rushing this through, etc etc and then was told they could not approve for Jan 6th start date. My school said they heard they were out of funds and no funds available until March/April.

Needless to say, my school accepts applications quarterly - so being accepted in January does NOT mean I am accepted for April 28th. I would have to reapply to school and go through the entire process and take a chance to not get in in April (which has more applications so chances are slimmer). I would end up in the same catch 22. School does not notify you if you are accepted until mid March . . . NOT enough time to get WIA to get their feet moving even though they say they need a month to process they can't seem to do their jobs to get this to happen. So I have decided to start Jan 6th anyway and take out student loans.

Now that I have vented my frustrations, if you can apply to a school and get accepted in plenty of time for them to process the paperwork, you might have a chance. BTW - the case worker said the funds will run out around July. I think if you apply now for let's say Spring, Summer, Fall start date you might have a chance BUT you must receive acceptance from the school first or they won't process. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to help - the case workers only fill you will false hope just to say sorry we did all we could.

Thanks 4 the info,I made an appt for Jan 14th but my classes start on Jan 5th,sounds like I may be out of luck :o

Try anyway, you never know. It's hard to give up $14k, but I don't know if I will have another chance at RN school ever again. Now I have to try and find either a part-time weekend job or Govt Asst.

I'm gonna go and see what happens and I'll keep you posted,cause it might be in your best interest to try again


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Keep tryin. I applied in Cuyahoga county in March of this year- before they supposedly ran outta funds- I did all the paperwork runaround they wanted and got in the door in time. They approved me for a total of 10k plus they give you gas money-or bus tickets if you are on the bus.

I just spoke with my worker yesterday and she was saying that at the end of my program, they will be paying for my NCLEX registration and test- $275 total. They didn't tell me that part in the beginning, but I guess that was a hidden bonus. She also said the program lost 56% of its funding (hence the lack of funds) because people were not reporting that they were getting jobs after graduation. So they want people to get jobs now instead of going back to school. Nice huh?

Anyhow, keep trying and the biggest thing I can suggest, which worked for me is this:


remember it is just another day at work for them


They will either get annoyed enough to look up your app theirselves or talk to the one who is suppose to be handling it. And blieve me the worker doesn't want to look lazy. They WILL handle your app.


If you follow these simple things you will get the money. They are very small things to do in light of the big picture. Free 10k? You'd better believe I was a bugaboo.But I got my money. I am starting my last semester in a LPN- RN Bridge program. And I confirmed that the money was being paid to the school. My school was not lazy about getting paid either so they stay on top of WIA.


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how do you qualify? Is it just financial based? I just turned 23 and am finally not considered under my parents finances. I'm single with no children though and just a part time job. I don't know if i would qualify for it?

Do you know of people with bachelor's degrees qualify? I know I don't qualify for pell grants because of that status so I'm looking for other routes to help pay for my education.

I'm wondering if I would qualify too. I'm 23, single, no children, independent, and made around $13,500 last year. My EFC according to the FAFSA for the 2010-2011 school year is $1,930.

Hi Julz I am wondering how you went about getting the WIA education grant through hamilton county in cincinnati ohio. I am interested in it. Please let me know! Thanks!

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In Hamilton County it's superjobs.com. I used WIA money to pay for prereqs for nursing school and STNA training.

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I used WIA for my LPN. They told me (9 years ago) that the wouldn't pay for me to go back to RN school.

StudentGrace? I have a few questions regarding your wia experience

I am having the worst time ever with summit county WIA. I never hear back from anyone and I am expected to go to school tomorrow. My application and everything has been processed. I applied back in July to start school Feb 7th and they are still entirely unprofessional about everything. I understand that if you start school, they will not fund you? I have not heard from my caseworker and my financial aid coordinator at the school has not heard from wia either. I am not sure whether to attend my first day tomorrow.