Why did/or do you want to be an NP?

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Hi everybody, for a project I was researching into reasons for why present students or present NP's have chosen this career. What are your reasons for wanting to be an NP, why have you chosen this profession and please be honest.

Thanks to anybody willing to share!

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I want to pursue becoming an NP because I would love the role of being a primary care provider for the patient. The ability to have autonomy, diagnose, treat, prescribe appeals to me and I do favor the chance to advance my education and role. I also would like collaborating with other mid-level providers and physicians. I've had positive experiences, so far, working with physicians during my clinicals and have heard many benefits to pursuing NP.

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I want to become one for the same reasons listed above. Autonomy, prescriptive authority, personal satisfaction, and career advancement all appeal to me.

I think any experienced nurse has had that feeling when they have to call a doctor for an order when they already know what is going to be ordered, or they call for something they know the patient needs, only for the doctor to not give it to you, and then hours later when the patient tanks they give you what you needed the first time around. Becoming an NP will let me take the situation into my own hands. Nurses know their patients better than anyone, and being an NP will help me reinforce that.

I want to be an NP because I am not satisfied at the RN level. I want to make decisions rather than carry out tasks. I want to be a provider. I am also very interested in dermatology so I know that being an FNP will allow me to pursue that goal. And yes, making more money and working regular hours is also part of it.

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I flunked out of cRNA school.. This was my plan B when it should've been plan a.

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