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Why Should We Hire You?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am a new nurse and just had an interview question: Why should I hire you? I responded in a unique way by saying, I am a product of this community. I attended our Community College of Nursing and I performed all my clinical rotations at this hospital. I grew up here and this is my hometown etc.


My record of accomplishments were in a beautifully prepared written resume packet. I was trying to convey that I am invested here and I have ties to the community that indicate that I am likely to stay on the job.

Now I am concerned that I should have done a 'cookie cutter" answer. My other answers were very technical and strong. I also immediately delivered a thank you card for the interview saying that I will bring quality, compassion, and support to your patients and their families.

What do you think?

Dear Second Guessing:

You were spontaneous, and spontaneous is genuine, and genuine is always good.

You spoke to the fact that you have roots in the community. I wish I could have seen their faces when you gave this answer, I'm sure they brightened with approval.

When answering Why Should we Hire You?”

  • Identify what the employer is looking for (loyal? confident? teachable?) read the job description for keywords
  • Select 1-3 of your own characteristics that match what the employer is seeking
  • Give examples to illustrate the characteristics
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others I'm the best” or I'm better than the others” (you have no way of knowing that)
  • Be genuine

You gave them I'm loyal” by example- excellent! Again, good job! Keep us posted on the job.

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Best wishes,

Nurse Beth


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