Why do they have "travel nursing"?

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This is probably a REALLY dumb question, but i'm sure there is a simple answer.

I am starting nursing school this fall, so I love reading All Nurses! and finding out about the opportunities I will have on down the road. I will have my ADN May 2007 and my BSN May 2008 (I will be doing an online RN-BSN through my school part time that year.)

Anyway, I am trying to understand why this is such a big business..travel nursing. It seems like the pay is good, so companies are paying the salary plus all these living expenses. Is it simply supply and demand? There are not enough nurses in certain areas so they are bringing in nurses from other areas to work?

How long do the assignments normally last?

My husband and I homeschool our kids. We currently live in TN and are very interested in checking out other areas to settle down in eventually. This travel nursing sounds like a cool way to try living in other areas without a permanent commitment and all the expenses of moving. :idea:

I appreciate replies..just trying to wrap my mind around what is involved in this area of nursing! :bugeyes:

Supply and demand. Also certian parts of the country have a higher census at times of the year so this is a good way to cover staffing shortages.

But remember that you should have at least two years of nursing experience as you need to be able to function without any orientation to that facility. You get only a day or two, not several weeks to see how things are done there. If a hospital needs to hire a nurse, by the time that they are ready to be on their ownm, and finished with hospital/until orientation, this can be several months depending on the area. The unit may need someone to fill in right away......this is done with agency or travel nurses, depending on the needs of the facility and for how long that they believe the need is going to exist...........

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