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Why be a nurse?


I always dread the question by interviewers: Why do you want to be a nurse??

Obviously, we all want to nurture, comfort and help those in need. We want to know that we have made a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. In turn, it is rewarding for the nurse.

Or maybe it's a past deed from an existing nurse, or a hospital experience as a patient or family member that inspired one to become a nurse......so he/she could help others..

However, I'm sure this is the common type of response. What are some unique things??

If someone says solely job security or $$$$... it is just my opinion that they won't be in the profession long!

When I went to an interview for nursing school. I said that I wanted to me a nurse to help others and to keep them safe. While it would be nice to make a nice salary it is not the main reason for me to become a nurse.

Good luck

I did not have to go on an interview,but the reason I decided to become a nurse was because I just felt it was what I was meant to do. I originally was going to apply to radiography school, and would always say I could never be a nurse(even though I loved interacting with people)Until one day I truly believe God helped me realize nursing was what i was meant to do.That may be hard to understand if someone does not believe in God,but that is how I made my decision.In cliche terms,I believe it is what my true calling in life is.And to be specific,oncology nursing is what my heart is set on!

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