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Why was I banned from the website?

by youdirty12345666 youdirty12345666 (Member)

Why did someone ban me from the website without any explanation? HOW RUDE!.

I merely described my situation, and I was deleted. Then I asked why it was deleted, and then without explanation, I was banned. Someone is a little trigger happy!

I assume it'll happen again, at which point I'll have to create a new name. And again. And again. And again. And so on.

You're just wasting your time banning me if you aren't going to tell me WHY! I'm a pre-nursing student with a LOT of time on my hands.


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You might find your answer by reading the Terms of Service on this site


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As you are well aware from Admin contacts under other names, muliple accounts not permitted. Terms Of Service applies to all who use site.

Account closed.

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