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Why is it Green?

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Thought I would throw this question out for some advice. My sister called me today with this concern and I really have no explanation. She said her stomach has been hurting this week, lower abdominal area, and she had some diarrhea which she attributed to starting a new job this week with nerves and all. What was the concern is that she's had a few bowel movements that were pale green. Normal except they were green. My first thought would be what she was eating, my sister eats cereal like candy so I thought maybe all the artificial dyes had something to do with it. She is young, 23, and in good health so I don't really suspect much else, but I thought I'd get some other opinions. Anyone?

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Bile is green which is secreted high into the GI track, and I'd be concerned about malabsorption if the stool is loose and green. Providing no green foods, like spinach, etc. are eaten in large quantities. The pain is another issue.

If this persists I would definately advise your sister to see an MD for a checkup.

I hope that your sister is feeling better keep an update posted

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