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Why are my danskos killing my arch?

Acraley19 Acraley19 (New) New

I just got a brand new pair of danskos, I wear a size 9 us and 40 danskos buy I got 41 for extra room because I have a wider foot. I wore this to my job while I'm in nursing school which is retail on a concrete floor. I wore them for almost my full 8 hour shift no problem, but I switched to a pair of Clark's with about 2 hours left in my shift. Now my left arch is so swollen and I can barely walk. Are my Clark's just too flat compared the danskos having such a high arch that I hurt my own feet, or are my danskos just took new at the time to wear for a full shift? This is the only pair of danskos I've ever worm that has done this to me feet. Help!


Has 7 years experience.

don't forget that Dankso's have a wooden sole so if you have a high arch it may hurt your foot. the reason being is because danskos don't allow your foot to do its normal motion, hints why you normally need a larger size for them to be comfortable, so with a regular shoe the soles will "mold" to your foot as you walk and allow the normal heel to toe motion. with danskos, since the sole is wooden, it doesn't work that way which can lead to problems with your feet. This is the reason some people can't wear danskos unfortunately. Once you break them in and your feet usually get used to them & you may not have a problem with them.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I have large and wide feet. I have found that shoes like danskos are just impossible for me to wear. The way they hit my arch is just off and very painful at the end of the day. I stick with running or walking shoes.

I wish I could wear walking/running shoes at my job but we can wear anything but, which is my struggle. I don't know if my feet have changed because danskos have never bothered me before.


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