Who do I send my resume to?


Hi everyone!

So I have been trying so very hard to get a good job in the new area I have just moved to. With over 15 years of nursing experience, it has been an absolute bear to find a decent job here.

They have a job posting for a PRN NICU/Nursery job, that I have applied for on their web site several months ago. The post has remained. Now today a FT position has been posted. I have 6 years of Nursery and NICU experience!! :confused: The hospital has a website that "parses" an uploaded resume and then you go in and fill in the blanks. This is how I initially applied for the job.

My resume was initially written by me, gone over (with a fine tooth comb) by the Dean (with a Ph.D in Nursing education) of Nursing program of the school I graduated from and then reviewed by a professional resume writer. Neither of them had much to change. My issue isn't how to ace an interview, I am not even getting a call back from this specific hospital.

I think I need a new tactic. :banghead:

Should I fill out their online application again?

Do I e-mail the director of Women's Services directly with my resume? That feels all wrong to me. Not following the chain of command and all.

Or I could snail mail my resume with a nice cover letter directly to the NICU/Nursery manager. Still by-passing HR, yet not going over the hiring manager's head for that department.

How about sending a HUGE bouquet of flowers with my cover letter and resume attached? Too much????

I would like to work for this magnet hospital. But I am flummoxed as to why I am not getting called in for an interview.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I had to bypass this particular system as it was so CUMBERSOME.

Do you know of anyone who works there? A friend? Pastor? Acquaintance?

That's where I would start.

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15 years of experience? Damn, try having none. You need to write a bomb-ass cover letter. "Dollarize" yourself. How can your strengths directly impact the department. All I can offer right now is customer service experience, so I write that interpersonal and communication skills could have a positive effect on patient satisfaction surveys. Also, I try to add some of the wording of the job description to my cover letter. I did this last week and just got a call for my first interview! Always call the floor, get the name of the nurse mgr, and send the cover and resume directly to him/her. It's such a numbers game, too. Just applying online got me nowhere all summer, so I had to change it up.

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