Who should I address it to?


Happy Monday everyone!!! I am working on a cover letter and I'm trying to figure out who I should address it to. I have tried to contact someone over the phone to get a name, but all I get is automated systems and/or voicemail boxes. So, who should I address the cover letter to? Would it be safe to just start with "Dear Human Resources"? Any advice please?

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They have all kinds of sample letters online, but I am going to bump your post up front so hopefully others can help out.

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"Dear Sir or Madam" is the traditional correct salutation when you don't know a name or gender.


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Thank you llg! I don't know why I didn't think of something so simple:) And also thanks for bumping the post up for me nursel56.


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It’s always best to personalize the letter by addressing it to the person who will be reading your cover letter. Call HR and find out if your resume will get screened by the nurse recruiter, in which case you’d want to address it to them, or if it will get sent directly to the hiring manager of the unit you’re applying to, then you would need to address it to them.

Go the extra mile to find the names. If HR won’t pick up, call the hospital’s direct line and ask for the name of the nurse recruiter, or ask to get transferred to the unit that is hiring, then ask the unit secretary for the manager’s name.