Who else uses Saline Flushes for contacts?


Sometimes I wear contacts and when they get dry I/we use saline flushes or saline "pink" bullets to re-wet them

My coworker told me that's actually bad for the contact. Has anyone else heard of this?

I can only speculate: the sodium and/or chloride is bad for the contact?

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I think it probably has to do with the pH, which is about 5.5 in most sodium chloride. Artificial tears and saline solutions for contacts are closer to neutral.


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When I wore contacts I used saline bullets and flushes all the time. When I got lasik my ophthalmologist asked me if I had artificial tears at home I told him a had a ton of saline bullets at home and he said that was fine. I don't know if they were the best thing for my contacts, but I used them for years without a problem.


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I like the bullets, never had a problem.

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I never wear contacts at work - while glasses are no substitute for a full face shield, there have been times I've washed specks of blood off my spectacles.