Who else is going to VCU this fall???

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Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I'd like to say thanks for all of the valuable insight that everyone has shared. Anyway, who else out there is going to VCU this fall for anesthesia school?:roll


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Just wanted to say welcome to the board...:)



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I will be moving to Richmond in July for Fall program, can't wait to get the show on the road!!!!


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My daughter has applied and wants to attend for a grad program in regional planning. I keep teasing her that I'm going to buy a big old house and I'll move down too. She's planning on having two friends move with her to share rent and possibly go to grad school in the future as VCU has programs that they all are interested in. ( these are three single ,young educated, independent women for all you single young professional males out there)


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Sam, I just read your blog, and I'd like to wish you a great many adventures while in Europe. I think Craig had the right idea about sharing his journey to and though anesthesia school. He is certainly a legend to all of my friends who are either preparing to go to CRNA school or have the desire to. Anyway, I have you know that Sinai is a pretty ok place to work; as I have friends who've done some agency work there and don't complain too much about it. I can't wait for August!



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Hello Kevin!

I'll be at VCU this fall too.



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You bring up a good point related to this site---try and promote this site as much as possible. Not only has this BB allowed me to become prep'd for school, but I have also met 3 people on this board (Craig being one of them--very down to earth guy) and email several others regularly. They say that the CRNA world is very small, and the personal and professional friendships made on this site will hepl promote the profession and bring important issues to light.

Thx for your heads up on Sinai....sounds like it is a heart machine, something new for us, but they were excited about having us come aboard.

Enjoy your last few months of freedom!!!

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