Who does what in your building?

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I'd love to hear your break down of duties.

I work in a 50 bed facility with a census that hangs around 40-41 but can dip to 38.

We have two nurses for 7-3 and 3-11 and one for 11-7. When census goes back up over the 41 we will be able to get back a unit manager. We have a DON, part time staff development nurse who fills in a unit manager/ ADON part time too. RNAC, SS, Dietician part time.

RNAC just does the data entry for the MDS and will initiate NOMNEC notices. That is all. There are the weekly therapy meetings and then the monthly quad checks.

SDC/ DON or floor nurse does all of the assessments related to the MDS that are nursing and does all the care plans on admit, with order changes and for the quarterly and annual reviews, skin assessments, infection control monitoring,and goes to all of the other meetings (falls, safety, infection control, behaviors, wt loss, rehab meetings)

Dietitian will complete MDS parts, assessments and care plans.

SS will do their MDS parts and care plans, schedules care conferences.

I'm just really wondering about your division of nursing tasks equate too. I guess what I'm getting at is that we have an RNAC that does nothing with care plans or care conferences or the assessments that are required for the MDS. Is this common?

Mds does care plans

Social service sets up transportation for appointments

Unit manager makes appointments for residents, and fix orders, pharmacy recommendations, have time to audit floor nurses but can't lend a helping hand 

Floor nurse does everything else. 

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