Who accesses central lines in radiology?


I would like to have information on the process you currently use in your facility for inpatients or outpatients that may require IV contrast? Do Rad techs do this currently or are you, as a nurse, responsible for this? Is your radiology department staffed 24/7 with a nurse for this reason? Who inserts the IV on outpatients requiring contrast? You or the Rad tech? I am especially interested in areas in the southeast US.


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Our CT and MRI techs can start IVs (nurses do most though which allows techs to do more scans) and they give all IV contrast. As nurses, we prep patients for procedures, calculate GFRs, hydrate patients if needed prior to contrast administration. We also are aware of contrast allergy pts, check to ensure that pre-meds were taken and monitor these patients during and after contrast administration. In addition, nurses administer benzodiazepines to claustrophobic patients, monitor patients during conscious sedation in interventional radiology and interventional ultrasound, as well as monitor ICU patients during MRI. At my facility, we have 24 hour nursing coverage in all radiology modalities. I think we are the exception rather than the rule though. My facility is a tertiary and Level 1 Trauma Center so our needs are larger for these reasons. We rotate assignments daily. I may work in IR Monday, MRI Tuesday, radiology prep/recovery Wednesday, etc. I am an old ER nurse (25 years) and accepted a job in radiology one year ago. Not only was I surprised by how much nurses do in radiology, I found that it was an easy transition for me. I really enjoy my job and can see myself becoming a certified radiology nurse and staying in this field for the remainder of my career.


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Nurses start Iv's/acces central lines and administer contrast for all awake outpatients.


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In my experience as both a patient and daughter of a chief radiographer both nurses and rad techs can start lines. After having a cerebral venogram and manometry as well as 9 lumbar punctures, 4 mri's and 10 head CTs I'm very good friends with half the radiology staff