While waiting on applying to the nursing program?


I have a question. The school I'm currently attending has a RN program, and I am hopefully applying March of 2011. I was told to go ahead and get the non-nursing courses taken care of if I have time. So I wouldn't be struggling doing them and the clinicals.

Should I consider doing that in the mean time, or doing a dual major in phlebotomy/cna(which my school offers)?


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Start your non-nursing classes now! Don't wait. You need all that extra time to go over note, lecture and to study. Plus all your clinical work.


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Prereqs higher priority than the cna, phlebotomy last of the three.

It is possible to do some prereqs during nursing school (for some people) but much better to not have to do them then.

If you have room in your schedule to do the double major, it won't hurt. I wouldn't risk grades in prereqs for it, though.