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Which states in US will accept 2008 foreign grad for NCLEX RN?

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Which US states will accept me (being a 2008 graduate) to apply for NCLEX RN?

Graduated BSN from the Philippines in 2008. I'm a US citizen. Took NCLEX RN in CA last 2011 and failed. Tried to retake but rejected by CA with clinical cases concurrency issues. Tried with TX (paid the initial fee which is non-refundable) but got rejected because you have to be a grad within 4 years to apply with them. Currently awaitng my CGFNS CES report to be ready to send to any state (wanted to make sure which one will accept me first) along with initial application. What other states are sure to accept my application? I don't want to waste any more time and money trying to submit initial applications and other requirements only to be rejected due to the year I graduated. :(

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What state do you plan to live & work? Do you have US citizenship or work rights?

are you licensed in the Philippines?

have you worked as an RN anywhere?

I'm willing to stay and work in any state that I can apply to after I pass the NCLEX. I just wanna be able to get accepted to take the test first. I am a US Citizen. I am not licensed in the Philippines and have not worked as an RN.

I took the NCLEX in California in 2011 and failed. I applied for a retake but things got complicated as the CA BON changes their standards every now and then. I tried to apply with Texas and they said that they only accept applicants within 4 years from graduating from nursing school. Even Oregon has the same standards. I tried with New Mexico but they do not accept applicants from non-compact states. I don't know where else to apply as I have wasted so much time and money already. I tried to inquire with other states if they have some sort of pre-assessment but everyone says to submit an initial application with corresponding fees. I can't afford doing trial and errors with every other state. :(

I graduated 2012, licensed PI and never practiced. I got a license in HI w/o issues after passing NCLEX this year but in their website I think it says 5 years post grad to qualify. I didn't want to move to HI so I'm taking Refresher Program in AZ now to reciprocate HI license to AZ since I never practiced.

I was thinking about that, too. Once I pass the exam, I can just have the license endorsed to any state I want to live in. I don't mind taking Refresher Programs to do that. I just want to have a successful application so I just need to worry about reviewing and taking the actual test! I live in California and I don't mind moving to nearby states to practice as an RN. :)

I was told to try Hawaii but I guess now that you mentioned that in order to qualify, there's a 5-year time limit then I guess that's another NO for me. Thanks for the information! That's a state scratched off my list. *sigh*

I'm hoping Nevada or Washington will accept my application as I have not seen any time limit on education in their websites. So frustrating that some states do not indicate that certain piece of information in their sites and they have you submit your application and pay the dues only to say they can't accept you. Really, I can't afford to keep paying about $100 each state just to see which one accepts my application. :no:


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