Which state to get initial license?

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Hi everyone!

I'm a second semester student in CA, but I don't have much hope of getting a job here. I'm very much considering moving to Ohio because I have connections at a hospital there. My question is if I get a solid job offer, should I have my NCLEX results sent to Ohio and be licensed there initially? Do I have to physically be in Ohio to do that?

There's still a glimmer of hope in my heart that I'll be able to find a job here in CA, and if so I don't know if having my license in Ohio is going to cause a big headache and take a really time when I try to endorse it back here.

I'm going to start applying for jobs next semester and hopefully I get an offer from somewhere in CA...

I'm just so conflicted and I don't know what to do. Any input is appreciated!

Which state is easier to get endorsement with after you already have your license?

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Go to the BON websites for each state and see what the initial licensing process is vs. endorsement, then make your decision.

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